Rooted in military values
Smart Logistix is more than just a Freight Brokerage firm - it is a testament to the enduring values of integrity, reliability, and transparency. Founded and managed by veterans, we infuse military precision and discipline into every aspect of our operations. These are the principles that guide us, setting us apart in a competitive logistics industry
Uncompromising Professionalism
Our commitment to our customers transcends mere service delivery; it is an unwavering dedication to excellence. We adopt a hands-on approach from the moment a load is assigned, ensuring meticulous management of your cargo until the point of delivery. At Smart Logistix, we understand that each cargo entrusted to us represents the faith our customers place in our capabilities. As such, we consider every delivery as a mission, and we do not rest until the mission is accomplished.
Our suite of diverse services caters to a wide range of logistics needs. Whether it is dry van shipping, flatbed solutions, refrigerated transportation, or oversize freight management, we have the expertise to deliver your goods safely and on schedule
our services
Gain a competitive advantage with our real-time freight visibility feature. Stay informed about the location and status of your goods round the clock, enhancing your decision-making process and improving productivity
We believe in building lasting partnerships with our carriers. Enjoy consistent revenue, stress-free payment, and the ease of doing business with our cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs